Why Italian food has conquered the world?


Why Italian food has conquered the world?

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While talking about Italian food, then the first thing that comes to our mind is pizza and then pasta. There is a wide list of Italian foods that have conquered the Indian market. Why? Well a restaurant of the best Italian Food in East Delhi is going to share the reasons with you in this blog.

1. Quality ingredients

The ingredients used in Italian food are very special and have good quality. The use of good ingredients in all Italian recipes is to enhance their taste and flavours. Italian farmers grow spices and vegetables with strict regulations. No pesticide is used in the crops. Unmodified, non-chemical, fresh crops give rise to pure flavours in the Italian dishes.

2. Simplicity

Less is more. Fresh ingredients are combined to create special, aromatic Italian recipes. Nutrition is a priority while making Italian dishes. Italian dishes usually contain just four to eight ingredients. The focus remains always on food quality–not how difficult a recipe can be. A basic mix of minimal ingredients is in your favourite Italian dish. Italian dishes are prepared in a way that customers can enjoy the dramatic flavours in full.

3. Healthy

Italian foods have long been a great example of a healthy diet. Italian dishes are high in olive oils, so they are safe for your heart. No added additives and processed foods are included in Italian recipes. Fresh fruit and vegetables are involved in plenty amount. People, who like to eat healthy food, must-try Italian food and enjoy its rich & authentic flavours.

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